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Consultation services are offered to help in the prevention of chronic inflammatory diseases and to maintain a healthier culinary lifestyle.*

America Has a Health Crisis:

Heart disease, cancer and diabetes

A recent report of the Institute of Medicine (May 2012) concluded that:

“Two-thirds of adults and almost one-third of children in the United States are overweight or obese, representing young and old, urban and rural, and majority and minority populations. This epidemic of excess weight is associated with major causes of chronic disease, disability, and death. Obesity related illness is estimated to carry an annual cost of $190.2 billion.”

Heart disease, cancer, diabetes and even obesity are linked to a diet deficient in phytochemicals. We help put these phytochemicals, and the delicious flavors that come with them, back into everyday eating.

How We Help

CanSurvive Cuisine’s recipe development, menu plans, and consultation help our clients create improved lives for those they serve. Lives can be lived following a proactive way of eating to prevent disease, and to help when chronic disease is present.


Our areas of expertise...




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Dr. Michael J. Wargovich, PhD


Over 30 Years of Experience.

Cancer Prevention.

Phytochemical Research.

Clinical Studies.

An internationally known academic researcher in the area of nutrition and cancer prevention with over 30 years of experience

Dr. Wargovich earned his PhD in Microbiology at Texas Tech University and conducted post-doctoral studies at the Ontario Cancer Institute in Toronto, Canada. Recruited to the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, he conducted seminal research in the area of nutrition and cancer prevention. He is now at UT Health San Antonio, Texas.

Dr. Wargovich is an excellent public speaker, translating hard science into understandable everyday language.




Chef Iverson Brownell, BS, CEC



Restaurant Management.

Personal Chef.


An executive chef and caterer with 20 years experience in food design, food creation, and wellness implementation

Iverson and his culinary team were chosen to run and operate USA House for the United States Olympic Committee during the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. Chef Iverson also had the opportunity to help co-create and star in ESPN’s Off Shore Adventures, and has worked for Le Creuset of North America and Canada.